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Second Life DeCal Courses (instructor:Nieman Razavian, sponsor: Ruth Tringham)
http://www.decal.org/784 (Fall 2008)
http://www.decal.org/930 (Spring 2009)

Anthropology 39B (Freshman/Sophomore seminar)(instructor: Ruth Tringham): Serious Games for Archaeology and Imagining the Past (Fall 2009)

Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program:
Sharing a Sense of Place: Constructing a Neolithic Village in Second Life (ongoing since Fall 2007). Supervisors: Colleen Morgan and Ruth Tringham

Go here to sign up to be an apprentice for Spring 2010:


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Remixing Çatalhöyük Day at Okapi Island. Nov 2007


January 2008

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  1. Ruth Tringham interview

  2. New buildings created

  3. Freshman Seminar creates Machinimas

  4. Looking for new research apprentices for Spring 2010

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Undergraduate and graduate students work alongside faculty and post-docs to create Okapi Island. Some of them, have worked in the field at the real Çatalhöyük. Many have never been to Turkey. Practice in building and enacting on Okapi Island is incorporated into formal courses about the archeology of Turkey and the sharing of knowledge about the past with the broader public. In this movie (from Spring 2008) some of the students introduce themselves.