Last House on the Hill


The Last House on the Hill provides the model for creating recombinant histories of database narratives out of archaeological data.  The design team of Ruth Tringham, Michael Ashley, and Cinzia Perlingieri have been working on this 'opus' since summer 2008. The database of the excavated materials and media from the Berkeley Archaeologists @ Çatalhöyük (BACH) project  provides the basis from which to draw the narratives about the people that lived in the BACH Area and the archaeologists who also passed seven summers of their lives here. This opus fulfills an ambition that we have long held, that is, to embed, interweave, and otherwise entangle the data and media from archaeological excavations with their interpretation and meaningful presentation in an open access, durable, and sharable platform. This kind of integration has become possible only in the last few years with the availability of complex web publishing, searching, and archiving features that can assure the long-term durability and integrity of both data and its meaning

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NovaMindMap by Cinzia Perlingieri

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Expressing LHotH as a web of Database Narratives

Contents of the Last House on the Hill

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